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Int J Mol Epidemiol Genet 2012;3(2):115-121

Original Article
Allelic and genotype frequencies of catechol-o-methyltransferase (Val158Met)
and CYP2D6*10 (Pro34Ser) single nucleotide polymorphisms in the Philippines

Michael O Baclig, Rey Z Predicala, Cynthia A Mapua, Jingky P Lozano-Kühne, Maria Luisa G Daroy, Filipinas F Natividad,
Francis O Javier

Research and Biotechnology Division, Pain Management Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center, 279 Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Blvd.
Quezon City, 1102 Philippines.

Received March 14-2012, accepted April 23-2012; Epub May 15, 2012; Published May 30, 2012

Abstract: A hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the allelic and genotype frequencies in the
genes encoding for catechol-O-methyltransferase and CYP2D6*10 among healthy volunteers and patients clinically diagnosed
with cancer pain. PCR-RFLP was used to identify COMT and CYP2D6*10 genotypes. Allelic frequencies among healthy
volunteer Filipinos were 0.83 and 0.17 for the COMT Val and COMT Met alleles, respectively. Calculated frequencies in Hardy-
Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) were 73% for COMT Val/Val, 26% for COMT Val/Met, and 1% for COMT Met/Met genotype. For
CYP2D6*10, allelic frequencies in HWE among volunteers were 0.46 for the C allele and 0.54 for the T allele. Twenty percent
were identified as homozygous for the wild-type C/C genotype, 56% were identified as heterozygous for the C/T genotype, and
24% were identified as homozygous for the T/T variant genotype. No significant differences in COMT and CYP2D6*10 allele
frequencies between cancer patients and healthy volunteers were noted. Our data demonstrated that the allele frequencies of
COMT and CYP2D6*10 in the Filipino healthy volunteers were similar with other Asians but markedly different from Caucasian
populations. (IJMEG1203001).

Key words: Allele frequency, catechol-O-methyltransferase, CYP2D6*10, polymorphism, Filipino

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