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Int J Mol Epidemiol Genet 2010;1(3):226-235.

Original Article
Genetic variation and association analyses of NEDD4 gene in Kazak Chinese
patients with hypertension

Nanfang Li, Yanying Guo, Ling Zhou, Hongmei Wang, Xiaoguang Yao, Wenli Luo, Jianhang Chang

The Department of Hypertension of the People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; The Center of Diagnosis,
Treatment and Research of Hypertension in Xinjiang. No.91, Tianchi Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang 830001, China

Received March 19, 2010, accepted June 15, 2010, available online June 20, 2010

Abstract: To analyze the association between the genetic variations of neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down-
regulated 4 gene (NEDD4) and hypertension in Kazakh Chinese. The sequences of NEDD4 gene exons were sequenced in 96
Kazakh Chinese with hypertension to identify representative variations. A case-control study was conducted by genotyping the
representative variations in 287 Kazakh hypertensives and 411 normotensives. Replication population was 343 Uygur
hypertensives and 724 normotensives. All subjects were selected from population-based cross-sectional studies of metabolic
disease. Thirteen novel and 15 known single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) or mutations, including 6 missense mutations,
were identified. Of the four representative SNPs genotyped, only rs2303580 was association with hypertension in Kazakh
(additive P/Pc=0.020/0.160) without Bonferroni’s correction. The result was replicated in Uygur (additive/dominant P=0.089/0.
028, Pc=0.174/0.056). By adjusting for age and BMI, the observed association would no longer be statistically significant in
Kazakh (additive OR (95%CI) 1.035(0.802-1.336), but remained statistically significant in Uygur ( additive/dominant ORs (95%
CI) 1.323(1.069-1.637), 1.521(1.146-2.020)). The rs2303580 genotypes were not association with blood pressure levels in
Kazakh. Although by multiple linear regression analysis and by applying Bonferroni’s correction, the genotypes were significant
association with diastolic blood pressure levels (AA>AG>GG) in Uygur normotensive controls (P/Pc=0.003/0.018), the direction
of difference was not in accordance with the association between the qualitative hypertension phenotype and the genotype
shown (G risk allele). Our data indicates that the association between the NEDD4 genetic polymorphisms and hypertension
phenotype should be replicated in further studies using larger and racially diverse populations. (IJMEG1003003).

Key words: Genetic epidemiology, genetic association study, hypertension, ethnic

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